Cultures on my face/neck has light acinetobacter baumanii complex (was staph)and my scalp has a positive light klebsiella pneumoniae esbl. How should we treat now? I was on 2 months of doxycycline.

Sensitivity. When doctors run cultures they also run a sensitivity test which is why you run a culture. The sensitivity test tells you which antibiotics the bacteria is sensitive to and the names of the antibiotics the bacteria will be resistent to. If you have already been treated and the bacteria was sensitive to that bacteria it will resolve. Avoid picking and recontamination.
Clinical correlation. It is likely that these organisms are commensals rather than causing disease. It is your physician's decision whether to treat you. Antibiotics are not skittles and can make you sick. And the antibiotics you are now taken (keflex plux Doxycycline is a potent mix) may be preventing culture of the actual microbe causing illness.