How to reduce ear swelling cause by piercing?

Depends on the cause. If tender and red, occuring soon after piercing, it could represent infection: should be treated with antibiotics and perhaps will require removal of the earring. If late, nontender and firm, may be a keloid, which requires different sorts of treatment: excision, steroid injection, pressure, low dose radiation.

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How do I know if my ear swelling is from piercing or cauliflower ear?

Ear swelling. Piercing an ear, by itself, does not cause much swelling, usually just a mild, low grade inflammation. In persons with increased susceptibility to keloid formation (eg., some persons with darker skin), ear piercing can cause a keloid, which may look like a cauliflower growth. The term "cauliflower ear" usually refers to someone, like a boxer, who has had repetitive blunt trauma to the ear. Read more...