Is there a relationship between Asperger and dysgraphia?

No. Dysgraphia, which simply means bad handwriting, is completely different from and unrelated to asperger's disorder or autism.
Motor clumsiness in. Kids with aspergers often manifests as robotic walking, lacking normal arm swing. It can include deficits in manual dexterity. Executive function deficits including poor motor planning are seen in as +/- adhd some with as have non-verbal learning disabilities. Poor visual-spatial processing & propriokinesthestic sense, "feeling" where one's body parts are, can cause dysgraphia; hypotonia also.
If they have low . Muscle tone ( low resistance to passive movement) with delayed fine motor skills, for which they require occupational therapy, they later have abnormal pencil grips & dysgraphia. On neurodevelopmental exam, finger agnosia (not being able to mimic touching the correct finger to their thumb " by feel" indicates a deficit in proprioceptive-kinesthetic sense. This is not specific to autistic disorder.

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Can there be a relationship between aspergers and dysgraphia?

Sometimes. An individual with dysgraphia could also meet criteria for aspergers but there are many people who only have dysgraphia. It is not uncommon for patients with autism spectrum disorder to have trouble with handwriting and written expression. The writing may be immature and the written language less complex. Interventions will be similar and the struggle lifelong so early intervention is key. Read more...