Have a painful sore throat and also the back of my tongue is sore and recently started getting a yellow mucus coming out of my eyes?

See physician. These signs and symptoms that you are experiencing need to be evaluated by your doctor. He can assess the problem and provide a solution to allow you get well. Don't wait.
Pneumonia. It sounds to me as though you have the flu or a form of pneumonia. Contact your md immediately for a diagnosis and medicine. The discomfort that you are feeling is because there are a lot of lymphoid tissues, like your tonsils and other tissues related to tonsils, that become inflamed when you have this type of illness. Finally, the yellow mucous discharge is clearly consistent with a cold.
Need to see someone. There should be culture of your throat performed and start you on antibiotics if the doctor see active lesions. Check yourself for fever as well.

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I have a sore throat with no fever or body pains. No yellow mucus its all clear and my mouth and I am constantly spitting no mucus just regular spit.?

Sore throat. This is often viral, although sore throat may be due to post nasal discharge from sinuses or to acid reflux or other condition. The only way to accurately diagnose this is to be seen and examined by your doctor. Go soon and wish you better. Read more...