I suffer from hypo thyroid can I lose weight like normal people? Or will I never be able to lose weight? If I can will it be at same speed as others?

Yes if treated. If hypothyroidism is adequately treated you'll have as much thyroid hormone as a normal person ; thus be able to lose weight as easily as a normal person (which is not that easy).Unfortunately few doctors treat it adequately;thryronorm only provides T4 ; most thyroid patients benefit from adding t3 (liothyronine) or taking natural thyroid.See http://abt.Cm/18gpb3a ; http://bit.Ly/1ccxy0r ; http://bit.Ly/15k26u8.
Your low thyroid. Level should be corrected back to normal with a proper daily dose of thyroid hormone.Then you will be just like everyone else, and find it's really hard to lose weight, for almost anyone. Good luck.