Is homosexuality a risk factor for hepatitis C infection?

CDC Says: "Today, most ppl become infected w Hepatitis C by sharing needles or other equipment to inject drugs. Before widespread screening of the blood supply began in 1992, [it] was also commonly spread thru blood transfusions & organ transplants... Having a sexually transmitted disease or HIV, sex w multiple partners, or rough sex appears 2 increase a person’s risk for Hep C." Source:
Yes. Being homosexual is not a risk factor by itself. It is dependent on a choice to engage in homosexual activity that increases the risk. There are multiple factors as to whether such risk is high or low.
Not by itself. Some unprotected anal practices, especially fisting, are efficient ways of transmitting hepatitis C. A person's sexual orientation isn't a risk factor apart from behaviors. Sexually transmission in most other situations is uncommon.
Yes. Sexuality period is a risk factor for hepatitis c, so anyone who is sexually active is at risk. Some consider homosexuality as a separate risk factor because anal intercourse has a slightly higher chance of transmission, but this line is really blurred. The main point is that all sexual practices translate a risk of hepatitis c and other sexually transmitted infections.
No. Homosexuality in of itself is not a risk factor for hepatitis c. It is a blood bourne pathogen, meaning any contact with blood or active bleeding (i.e., needle or razor sharing, open sores, acute lacerations) becomes an active source for infection.
Yes. Any source of blood to blood contact can lead to transmission of hepatitis c from one person to another. Safe sex with barrier methods are highly important and will protect against hepatitis c, hepatitis b, hiv, and other stds.