Can I get hepatitis C through blood transfusions in the us?

Extremely unlikely. Our blood supply in the us has multiple mechanisms to reduce the risk of acquiring hepatitis c through transfusion to less than 1 in 1.6 million. However, tens of thousands of people got hepatitis c through blood transfusions prior to 1992 and so anyone who had a transfusion before 1992 should be tested for hepatitis c.
Yes but rare. Since 1992, the us blood supply has been rigorously tested for many infections including hepatitis c. Getting a blood transfusion since then has been pretty safe. Your risk of contracting hepatitis c is not zero but the risk is low.

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How does hepatitis C spread other than blood transfusion or blood products?

Communicability. Intimate tissue contact appears to be necessary for transmission of this virus. Sexual transmission may occur but is not an effective means since there are many partners of infected persons who have never become infected. Read more...
Bodily fluids. Any bodily fluid, including saliva and semen. Sex , tattoos and IV drug abuse also culprits. Read more...