Docs said I have crysitc fibrosis in my genes and that there is a chance my baby could have it if the father has it to what are the chances he will?

Varies. A great answer is available at http://www.Ucsfhealth.Org/education/carrier_testing_for_cystic_fibrosis/ if no one in your family has cf, your chance of being a carrier depends upon your ancestry: european caucasians, ashkenazi jews — 1 in 29 hispanic americans — 1 in 46 african americans — 1 in 61 asian americans — 1 in 90 if both parents are carriers, the likelihood of a baby having CF is 1 in 4.
CF carrier. The cystic fibrosis foundation or cff is a good source of information. If the father also is a carrier and you are a carrier, then the chance that your baby will actually have CF is 1/4 or 25%. The baby will have a 50% chance of carrying the CF genetic defect also.