What does burning chest pressure mean?

Burning CP. If you have burning chest pain it is likely to be due to acid reflux or esophagitis. Recommend checking with your doctor.
Usually reflux. Sounds like reflux with heart burn, but can be cardiovascular or aortic, or else something neurologic (pinching of your nerves coming out of your spine). .. Should get checked out by md if persists or worsens. ..

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I'm on duromine 30, tonight suddenly my heat raced an felt like skipping, extremely dizzy, burning chest pressure behind eyes going to pg tomorrow?

Stop taking it. And call prescriber today. Suggest never taking another appetite suppressant again. None have been proven to work but rather calories and exercise!!

Bad chest pressure, pain and burning for 2 days. Burning in stomach too. Worst ever. Would a normal ECG rule out heart attack 100%?

Heart racing. You have symptoms than can be related to the heart or to the stomach or even the nervous system. The ECG can not rule out a heart condition. The only way to 100% evaluate coronary artery disease is by a heart Cath. Best to be seen by a medical professional.