How can I help my 2-1/2-year-old with suspected autism until he gets approved for services? Is there any intervention I can do on my own while waiting

Autism Intervention. You can learn how to improve the non verbal communication with your child. Please look in the information posted online on this subject, and practice observing the child's responses to your interactions. For example, how is communicating anger, need for affection, hunger, tiredness, etc. And how is expressing relief of tension, pain, or other feelings. Write notes to bring to the evaluation !
Many things. Autism is a complex disorder but many have greatly benefited from a holistic approach including nutritional supplements like magnesium, b6, l-5-mthf ; fish oil, many are found to have food allergies, imbalances of GI flora, mercury toxicity etc. Now is a good time to research this online ; you can experiment with diet changes- see http://abt.Cm/1gmyqn2 ; http://bit.Ly/1cnbr4u good luck!