Heard a pop in my knee. The following day I stepped down the stairs and dislocated my knee cap now I cannot bend my knee without pain and poping help.

Go to the doctor. I am sure you understand but you need to be seen urgently when your family clinic opens tomorrow. You do not need an emergency room.

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My knee cap is dislocated n will not stop popping n snapping I saw a specailist about it how long will I have to waite for surgery to be booked?

Patella Dislocation. The patella dislocates laterally towards the outside of the knee in people with malalignments of the patella and patella tendon. Kicking, explosive and cutting sports increase the risk. Weakness of the vastus medialis muscle that tracks the patella in the midline is a factor. The cracking is called crepitus and is a sign of arthritis in the knee cap. Patella realignment is not a surgical emergency. Read more...