Does this increase my risk for sudden cardiac death? Is this mitral valve prolapse?, will it get worse with time? Anterior mitral valve leaflet moderately thickened but no stenosis or prolapse.

Dysautonomia - MVP . Dysautonomia is associated with mitral valve prolapse syndrome - neither are usually life threatening but both cause patients anxiety about their symptoms. Read dr. Richard hoffman's book on mvp on amazon.Com. Increase fluid intake, try magnesium supplements. Risk of sudden death is less than chance of winning the powerball lottery.
May need surg. . Most of the time, mitral valve prolapse is harmless and does not cause symptoms. Symptoms that do occur can be treated and controlled with medicine or surgery. Some abnormal heartbeats (arrhythmias) in people with mitral valve prolapse can be life-threatening. If the valve leakage severe, your outlook may be similar to that of people who have mitral regurgitation. Surg. Intervention may be needed.