Is there a vaccine for hepatitis c?

No. But there are very recent breakthroughs in treatment. Best bet is prevention by avoiding contact with blood and blood products.
No. Unfortunately not yet. That being said, the only way to prevent the disease is to avoid the virus.It is spread through blood contact, so those most at risk are users of IV drugs, especially sharing needles, and those with multiple sexual partners. There are some people with hepatitis c who got it from a blood transfusion before it was able to identified. Now all blood is tested for it before use.
No. No vaccine, bseveral medical treatments such as interferon can lead to retinopathy and compromise vision. Frequent eye exams while on interferon is suggested.
No. Fortunately, there are vaccines for both hepatitis a and b. Therefore, anyone with hepatitis c should ask their provider about being vaccinated for these other viral hepatitides.

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Can I get hepatitis C from air gun vaccinations?

Depends on device. Past jet injectors or air gun injectors used in vaccinations were able to transmit very tiny amounts of material (such as blood) from one person to another, and so were able to transmit hepatitis viruses. Current jet injection devices, if approved by the fda, are supposed to prevent cross-contamination among patients (most likely by using disposable single-dose vaccines). Read more...
Very unlikely. If your doctor follows proper sterilization procedures you will not get hepatitis c or any other comunicable disease from receiving vaccinations, air gun or otherwise. If you have concerns about sterilization procedures, you should talk this over with your doctor. Read more...