Hi docs, would sonata (zaleplon) help with my Ambien tolerance?

No, I do not believe. It would work well. Work with a psychiatrist or sleep doc to transition you to another med like trazodone. You should have a psych eval and sleep to look into other causes of insomnia that may be underlying your dependence. Once off meds a trial of cognitive therapy for insomnia could be very helpful. Make sure you practice good sleep hygiene. ( google. This term or read one of dr heidi fowler's sleep hygiene posts right here on healthtap. Best wishes.
Sonata (zaleplon) Nope. Talk to your doctor about other options.

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If my body is immune to ambien, would it be a good idea to switch to sonata (zaleplon)?

Ambien (zolpidem) Substituting one sleep aid with another might be worth a try, but discuss your options with your prescribing doctor since there are many options. Read more...

Why do sleep aides (benadryl, ambien, sonata (zaleplon), lunesta, prosom, elavil) not work for me?

Different. Everyone is different. It also depends upon why you are having difficulty with sleep. If you suffer insomnia talk to your doctor about this. There are many medications that can be used for this disorder. Read more...

What sedatives work best Ambien cr, sonata, (zaleplon) lunesta, rozerem or silenor? I take restoril but doesn't work. I can't sleep unless I take an extra seroquel.

Don't get dependent. Taking more and more sleep meds is a dangerous path. Figure out why you can't sleep; see your primary care md first. Eliminate caffeine; don't exercise too late in the evening; stay away from your cell phone and other bright screens just before going to bed. Don't go to bed until you're sleepy. May need referral to sleep lab. Try to get off all sleep meds. Good luck! Read more...