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What is the treatment for broken heart syndrome?

Time and talk! Emotional heartbreaks do not heel instantly. Time is a healer, as are understanding family or friends. If you feel situationally depressed see a therpist, psychiatrist, or pcp.

I'm scared of getting too upset because I don't want to get broken heart syndrome.?

Relationships. All relationships have a degree of risk about them. That notwithstanding, you cannot let fear of failure make decisions for you in relationships or in anything else in life. Reworded, you cannot be afraid to try. If you do not try, you get nothing.

Could someone please tell me how many us citizens are diagnosed with 'broken heart syndrome' (bhs) each year. Can't find the answer anywhere. Thanks?

Unknown. Takosubo or broken heart syndrome is an adrenergically mediated cardiomyopathy that mimics a heart attack and is reversible with beta blockers. Incidence unknown but appears to be more common than previously thought.

If echo of heart was good 2 month ago could I have developed broken heart syndrome or something else since then?

Yes. Anything is possible. Broken heart syndrome is extremely rare. Common things happen commonly. It's far more likely that you're normal.

What cardiac changes actually take place during broken heart syndrome?

Stress Hormones. Broken Heart syndrome or apical balooning as some call it results from severe stress like the loss of a loved one, during the episode which usually resolves in a wk time, the person may experience chest pain and shortness of breath, there is some disruption of the normal pumping functions of the heart. If chest pain and SOB continue, one needs to seek medical help.

I am wondering what cardiac changes take place during broken heart syndrome?

Takotsubo syndrome. The ventricular wall thins and balloons out - overall contractility (ejection fraction) falls. Many mechanisms have been proposed but the actual cause is not known. It is not due to blocked coronary arteries.

Since I've had broken heart syndrome, when im ask on forms if ive had a heart attack how do I answer that?

Say no. Broken heart syndrome may have sudden chest pain or think they are having a heart attack often brought on by stress. It is not a heart attack. It is the hearts reaction to stress hormones. If you have been to a doctor and checked out that you did not have a heart attack you do not need to consider this as a heart attack, however, you could write down broken heart syndrome next to that area.

Have had broken heart syndrome three times in the past. Now 91, just taken off Lisinoprol for Losartan. Is Losartan safe?

Losartan, safe? The answer to your question is "Yes". Losartan (L) is a drug from the angiotensin receptor blocker class and has a similar action to Lisinopril, affecting the renal angiotensin activating system and has fewer side effects. To find out the reason the switch was made, ask your physician (P) if you have not already done so.