What is the cure for azoospermia (0 sperm count)?

Unblock vas. Azoospermia may be due to a blockage. Might be correctable and thus curable. Please see a urologist specializing in infertility for a work up. You might be candidate for sperm aspiration or direct sperm extraction from testis followed by invitro fertilization (ivf) or intra-cellular sperm injection (icsi).
Azoolpermia. Treatment for azoospermia clearly depends upon the cause; which can be structural (varicose vein in the testicular area), hormonal (low lh and testosterone) or genetic (klenifelter's syndrome). Once the diagnosis is established one can consider therapeutic ioptions.
Evaluation. You need a physician to investigate if azoospermia is from a blockage or lack of production. There are surgical treatments for blockages, some medical therapies for production problems.