Can chronic hepatitis b infection cause cirrhosis?

Yes. Hepatitis b can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. The more inflammation present and the higher the viral load the more likely, one will develop cirrhosis.
Yes. There are different types of chronic hepatitis b. Passive chronic hepatitis b typically results in no liver inflammation, while chronic active hepatitis b will often cause cirrhosis.
Yes. Yes. All patients with chronic hepatitis b should be monitored by their physician and consider referral to a liver doctor.

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If HBV DNA virus is supressed in chronic hepatitis b then we have a chance of liver complication?

Yes. yes, it is possible. majority of people's bodies are able to fight off Hep B, but if the immune system has not done the job, then low levels can remain dormant and tend to resurface/replicate with stressful situations-being mental stress, severe physical trauma or immune stress. should have regular liver function tests for monitoring. Read more...