I have bad bunions on my feet and want them opperated on but my docs say they are just promanent bones im 27 is this a good idea?

Only if painful. If you are 27 and have bunions the decision to have surgery should be for pain relief and not for cosmetic reasons. Often patients with bunions have discomfort in shoes or when walking or exercising. If that occurs you should be seen by a board certified podiatric surgeon or foot/ankle orthopedic surgeon. Bunion surgery is very specialized and simple 'shaving' of the bone is not always sufficient.
Pain or cosmetic? Bunions typically form because of long-term use of poorly fitted shoes, especially high-heels etc...If they are not causing pain, then no medical reason to operate--if you want that fixed for cosmetic reason is a different story. If you con't to use poorly fitted shoes, then surgery with not help beacuse they will be formed again, which maybe worse..Follow your doc advice.. Good luck.
Maybe. If they are bothering you then it is most likely worthwhile. With a bunion there may be more than just then bump that has to be addressed surgically. You should be evaluated by an orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist (md or do) who can then explain the bunions to you and the various options for their treatment.