Can there be complications with hepatitis b if I have cancer?

Yes. Certain chemotherapy drugs can be toxic to the liver. If you have hep b and cirrhosis, than this will require specialized doses of chemotherapy for you. Additionally, chemo drugs that suppress the immune system can give other infections like viral hepatitis, a "green light" to become more active. Talk with your oncologist for details.
Depends on hep B, CA. Depends on your hep b (active, inactive, viral load, rx, etc), the type of cancer, and the planned treatment. Co-ordinate your hepatologist (liver specialist) and oncologist (cancer specialist).

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What % of hepatitis b reactive converts into lever cancer?

It is uncommon. You need to better understand your problem. Do you have Hepatitis-B infection? Find out.... and also find out if you have chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis. Cancer is the last thing that can happen if your liver is badly damaged/scarred (also called cirrhosis). Go to a hepatologist to get good monitoring, if needed.

Reishi mushroom (ganoderma lucidium) can be helpful in hepatitis b, cancer. Its it ok to take it?

Yes. Sorry to hear of your health problems. Reishi is one of many medicinal mushrooms with powerful proven benefits- see http://www. Naturalnews. Com/021498_reishi_mushrooms. Html I would advise you also try homeopathy as an adjunct to standard treatment; dr. Ramakrishnan in india reports great results- you could consult with him or someone trained by him. See http://www. Drramakrishnan. Com/cancer. Php.

How many people get liver cancers because they have hepatitis b?

Many. Statistical analyses vary but chronic active hep b produces a large number of hepatocellular carcinomas world-wide.

Breast cancer chemotherapy in hepatitis b patients?

Very Complicated. I am not sure we can offer much here. The various chemotherapy regimens are not noted here; nor is the hepatitis status and what treatment you are on if you have active hepatitis b or are inactive. I would believe that you should be able to have full treatment regardless, especially if your hepatitis b is being treated appropriately.
Challenging. Appropriate involvement of hepatologist and treatment (or prophylaxis) of hep b is imperative.

Does hepatitis b lead to liver cancer?

Yes it can. Yes hepatitis b can lead to a liver cancer. Majority of hepatitis b will be cured and resolved by your immune system- some of them however will continue and go into chronic active phase -where the virus remains active and viable inside your body- and this can lead into further damage to your liver - i.e. Liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.
Yes. In a proportion of patients, it certainly leads to liver cancer.

Is hepatitis b infection associated with liver cancer?

Yes. Yes. Patient with chronic hepatitis b will require screening for liver cancer at some point. Current recommendations are starting at age 20 for african born individuals and age 40 for Asian born individuals. However, patients prior to these ages can develop cancer. High HBV viral loads are associated with increased risk of cancer. As always develop a screening plan with your liver doctor.
Yes. Liver cancer is the most common cancer in asia because almost 25% of the Asian population has hepatitis b. Many patients acquire hepatitis b from their mothers and can develop liver cancer as early as mid 20s.
Yes. Unlike most viral hepatitides, hepatitis b is associated with liver cancer regardless of the presence of cirrhosis. Therefore, blood test (i.e. Alpha-fetoprotein) and imaging study (i.E abdominal ultrasound) are recommended every 6 months beginning at the age of 40.

I'm a cancer patient and also hepatitis b.Can I use infrared heat therapy.?

Sure. I'm glad you're being treated for your bone cancer scientifically and hope you get a good result. Don't spend much money on the infrared head apparatus or expect it to do much good for your cancer despite the hoola. If you are interested in complimentary medicine, get with an evidence-based practitioner who's good in this area.