When should a baby get tubes in ears?

Why? Consider a trial of osteopathic manipulative treatment (omt) that includes the cranium before you go to tubes. It is a safe and effective method for an infant or child looking at mechanical components of the temporal bones and eustachian tubes with a gentle hands on treatment . Cranialacademy.Com has a doctor finder to help you find one near you. Good luck.
Rarely a should. The guidelines for tube surgery have become more conservative. If the fluid does not persist and your child tolerates the antibiotics and there is no language delay you can opt for watchful waiting rather than ear tubes.
It depends. Tubes can be great for the right reasons. The american academy of otolaryngology published guidelines about which kids should qualify for tubes for the first time last month that I have attached links to below. http://www.entnet.org/guide_lines/loader.cfm?csmodule=security/getfile&pageid=174506 http://www.Entnet.Org/healthinformation/ear-tubes.Cf.