What is the best acne medication that a dermatologist would recommend?

Depends. The best medication is determined by the type of acne. In general, good over the counter medications are those containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. For a good prescription regimen, see your local dermatologist. Good luck!
That depends... ...On what kind of acne you have, what skin type (oily or dry), how old you are, your gender, what medicines you take, and a host of other factors. The point is that there is no one "best" acne treatment, only the best one for your particular circumstances. And your dermatologist needs to examine you and ask a lot of questions to determine what that treatment is.

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Doctors! What acne medication from the dermatologist worked best for you?

I will tell you. 1. Pop the pus out of acne lesion and sqeese enough till all the pus is out and you see a little bit OB blood. 2. Wash your face with medicated soap twice a day and apply clindamycine 1% solution to each lesion. 3. Take Cipro (ciprofloxacin) 500 mg, one tab. Twice daily for 3 weeks. All your acne will be gone and you will love it. Read more...