I have endometrial cancer...My question is that if its bad for my health to have car tires inside my house?

No. The tire manufacture process, and burning tires may release carcinogens, but a tire being stored near you will not cause cancer. Tires left out side which collect water can contribute to various infectious diseases.
Probably not. There are several risk factors for endometrial cancer including taking estrogens, obesity, some medications, chronic an ovulation and hereditary syndromes. As long as the tires are not near a heat source where there could be breakdown of the rubber, there probably is not a health hazard having them in the house as opposed to an outside building.
Not great. This is not directly going to affect your cancer, but the tires might have germs, dust, etc. That might affect breathing and cause other sickness. If you can, it would be wise to have the tires in your garage, or just outside the house.