I have a wrist pain for a couple of months now, there's no numbness/weakness/limitation of motion, it even happens when I'm not doing anything, help!?

See your doc. It is impopssible to diagnose your problem in this forum. A good physical exam and x-ray should help in makeing the diagnosis and then your can start appropriate treatment.
Wrist pain. The likely cause varies with age: in younger persons, most likely the result of sprain or contusion; in middle-aged or older may be arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or certain infiltrative disorders including hypothyroidism. In this age group i would be most suspicious of degenerative arthritis, which occurs insidiously over years and may abruptly become painful. Possibly gout. Try ibuprofen.
Wear a splint. May be you sprained the wrist, or arthritis, give rest to wrist to he joint with splint for couple of wks, if no relief see your physician.