What to do if I have munchausen syndrome?

Get help now. Munchausen syndrome can be very destructive. If you believe you have it or you have been diagnosed , therapy is essential. I have, over the course of 30 + years, seen a handful of people with this disorder - but have never seen anyone ask for help in getting it treated. It will require commitment if you desire to make healthy changes.

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What to do if I know I have munchausen syndrome but I'm unsure what to do?

Find a psychologist. Find a psychologist and start working in therapy. It is a rare condition so it may be hard to find someone with expertise see how they feel about working with you. Let us know how it goes. Read more...

What to do if I might have munchausen's syndrome?

Whoa. You know whether or not you have Munchausen's syndrome. If you do, then you have pretended to be ill, perhaps injuring yourself, to enjoy the warmth and care that a hospital patient receives. It's a poor long-term life strategy. If someone has told you that you "might" have it, then they suspect you're feigning illness. Only you know whether that's true. If it's not, forgive the suspicion. Read more...