What are the signs and symptoms of kidney problems?

Hematuria & Pain. Now often found at prenatal maternal/fetal ultrasound.. After birth large cystic, swollen kidney or large tumor sometimes causes visible bulge & can be palpated.Dark colored bloody urine can suggest nephritis, tumor or stone.Flank pain & percussion over lower rib cage could be pyelonephritis or obstructing stone. Thirst + large volumes of urine ?Diabetes insipidus(kidney can't concentrate urine.
Many signs, symptoms. Some patients are surprised to have kidney disease and have few symptoms. Symptoms that are classic include foamy urine, insomnia, itching (pruritus), loss of appetite, food developing a strange taste (dysgeusia), swelling (edema), fatigue, offensive body odor, bad breath, weakness. Signs = anemia, elevated creatinine, proteinuria, low hematocrit, high urea levels, high po4, low vit d, low gfr.
Kidney symptoms. One of the big problems about kidney disease is that you can have progressive loss of kidney function from poor circulation for years without having any symptoms. Other symptoms include: pain in back right next to spine below diaphragm, blood in urine, high blood pressure, reduced urine output, excessive urine output, low sodium, low potassium, high potassium, protein in urine.

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What are signs and symptoms of kidney problems?

Kidney problem. Hi, it depends what kind of kidney problem we are talking about. There are multiple kidney problems including Acute kidney failure, Chronic Kidney failure, Kidney stone, Kidney infection, Kidney cancer, glomerulonephritis and etc, which one are we talking about here. Read more...