What to do if I have pinching in my left arm from hand to elbow, dizziness, feel bloated, shortness of breath, a bit of weird feeling under my breast, what is it?

Need Examination asa. It needs to be checked asap, as it may be related to your heart.You have shortness of breath, weird feeling under your greast, dizziness and pinching pain in your left arm we do not know your past history and whether you smoke and family history, and if you had any previous check ups and BP check all those risk factors needs to be known and thorough exam and some tests to find out what is wrong with u.

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Pains in left arm, back, chest, stomach, dizziness and shortness of breath. Started having floaters when this first occurred. Doc can't figure out.

Eye specialist. You should get a good eye exam the other symptoms might be unrelated to the eye. It looks like you already had other testing done which is good. I would recommend getting a chest x-ray as well to make sure nothing is wrong with the lungs too. Read more...