Surface skin pain on left side of abdominal area and left side of lower back.  feels like a severe sunburn.  no marks or redness.?

Shingles. Many cases of shingles has been missed in ers because of pain that no direct cause can be found and then a day or more goes by with the pain persistent and then out of the blue a rash composed of clumps of tiny pustules shows up in a geometric pattern and the diagnosis is obviously shingles. They must be treated immediately with antiviral drugs to help healing and prevent post herpetic neuralgia.
Skin pain. Age? Recent illness or stress? May be early symptoms of shingles. If redness & blisters develop, see fp for meds to lessen severity of shingles (reactivation of chickenpox virus herpes zoster) & to prevent post-herpetic neuralgia (nerve pain).
Radicular pain. Pain described above is suggestive of pain origin from nerve coming out of low back.This could be due to multiple reasons like infection, disc disease and other causes.See your doctor.