Is hepatitis a the same thing as jaundice?

No. Jaundice is a syndrome of yellowing of the skin and eyeballs due to an increase in a chemical called bilirubin. Many types of liver disease can lead to this, including hepatitis a. However, there are other possible causes of jaundice.
No. Jaundice means yellow. This can be caused by viral hepatitis like acute infection with hepatitis a. But drug induced hepatitis can also cause jaundice. Not every patient with hepatitis a develops jaundice.
No. Jaundice is a symptom of liver dysfunction which can be due to several different illnesses, including hepatitis a.
No. Hepatitis a can lead to jaundice, or yellowing of the eyes and skin. But jaundice can happen in many different types of diseases or disorders, not just liver problems.

Related Questions

Could hepatitis a cause jaundice?

Yes. Hepatitis a can cause jaundice which clears by itself without treatment for the vast majority of people infected with this virus.

Is it safe to go outdoors whn suffering from jaundice, hepatitis A?

Yes. Sunlight actually helps to conjugate bilirubin, which will improve your jaundice slightly. There is no harm to going out in the sun. Hopefully with hepatitis A, your jaundice will pass. If it doesn't, go see your doctor. Hope this helps!

What is the first line treatment for jaundice such as that from hepatitis a infection?

None. There is no specific treatment for the jaundice associated with hepatitis a. Jaundice disappears once the inflammation of liver subsides and stool color returns to normal.
None. Jaundice from acute hep a will self resolve with time.

I have (inflammation on the liver)hepatitis a and jaundice been 4 weeks, feeling good now, can I take milk thistle tablets read online it's good for u.

Hepatitis A. Hepatitis a is usually a self limited disease. Avoid alcohol and tylenol (acetaminophen)...Make sure no other form of hepatitis is there. Make sure the liver enzymes, a blood test are trending down too....Close follow up with a primary care physician should be sought.

My grandmother died of liver cancer and I've experienced jaundice due to hepatitis A and medications. Does liver irritation is related to genetics?

Can be. There are a number of genetic diseases that can cause liver problems. However, it seems your problems were due to hepatitis A and certain medications. Both of these can cause jaundice in patients who don't have any genetic liver disease. The majority of patients with liver cancer develop the cancer in the setting of liver cirrhosis.