When can a child with autism receive SSI disability income?

Depends. Hard to answer with any degree of specificity in this kind of forum. Depends on age, family income, severity of illness, etc. Here's a good resource: http://www. Child-autism-parent-cafe. Com/social-security. Html.
SSI eligibility is. Based on degree of functional impairment & level of support needed to function in the community for any disability. Children with autism & intellectual disability may qualify if the family's income & assets meet requirements. Severely impaired children who'd require custodial care if their parents were deceased may be eligible for katie beckett funding, which isn't financially-based.
Yes. Childhood autism is found as a listing under section 112.10 of the social security administration’s (ssa) impairment listing manual, or “blue book.” certain requirements must be met in order to qualify a child for disability benefits. For more information visit the following web-site http://www. Socialsecurity. Gov/applyfordisability/child. Htm.