Can you tell me how I can reverse dental fluorosis and general sodium fluorosis?

Not reversible. You can reduce the risk that your child will get dental fluorosis, however, once fluorosis occurs the changes in the hypermineralized enamel remain irreversible and treatment is limited to cosmetic procedures.
Not possible. Fluorosis relates to high fluoride in the enamel which occurs when the tooth is forming and as such it is not reversible. hypocalcification which is less mineralization in the enamel can be reverses by remineralization but fluorosis is not reversible.
You can't. If you truly have a fluorosis problem your teeth have been permanently affected. You will need the services of a general dentist or a prosthodontist to mask the discoloration.
You cannot. Once dental fluorosis occurs, the enamel has been structurally changed. Some treatments that correct dental fluorosis are in office whitening, micro abrasion or enamelplasty and composite restoration.