I have a child who has been on medication for ADHD and find the effectiveness random. Any good alternatives?

Stimulants . Amer acad of peds states stimulants are treatment of choice in adhd. They add that dose must be titrated against outcome measures, & comorbid conditions must be recognized & treated. If your child isn't responding to routine medication, then dose may be wrong, diagnosis may be wrong, or comorbid conditions have gone unrecognized. Seek help from developmental pediatrician experienced in adhd.
Yes. Try eliminating dairy, gluten and processed foods. Have child play outside daily..Reconnecting with nature can be helpful. Probiotics and cod liver oil help in some cases. Homeopathy, chinese medicine can also help immensely. Get tv, computer, electronics out of child's bedroom. Some supplements that provide Amino Acids and b vitamins can be helpful....One example is one called brain sustain.
Yes. Make sure you child has the correct diagnosis and there are no other coexisitng conditions such as behavioral problems, learning difficulties, depression .Sleep disturbances, etc, make sure your child is on the correct medicine and dose, and that effectiveness and side effects are been monitoed.Finally behavioral intervention/parenting skill training, neurofeedback and cognitive training are helpful.