I have a two year old baby. Is it time to take her to the dentist for the first time?

Yes. It is advisable to learn how you can help to keep your baby cavity free. Also it is important to get your baby used to the dentist at an early age. I like to see babies introduced to a kind gentle dentist very early on.
Yes. Two is a good time for exposure. Just to let the dentist take a lot make sure the right number of teeth are in place and that your doing a good job with oral hygien. On rare exception if the child is good we can do a little brush lung, give the child ride in the chair alone or on your lap and a prize making the whole experience fun. On your part always keep conversation at anytime about the dentis.
Yes. The age until first dental evaluation varies with child & location. Some don't erupt their first teeth until 15m, so presence of teeth is a good first factor. Some dentists don't see the little ones but many in my local see kids as early as 6m. Even if there are no obvious issues, dentists can look for issues with proper enamel formation & paint teeth with special material to prevent cavities.
2-3 years old. It is important to start the kids early on. We make sure they have a good experience on their first visit so they will continue having a positive impression and not be afraid of going to a dentist.