Will my disc ever heal? Mri result was " minimal disc protrusion at L5 s1 " a year ago. Sometimes im pain free, others I can't sleep from pain.

No, but. Teenager w. Low back pain seemingly told "l5-s1 disk protrusion" cause. Pain comes ; goes ; interferes w. Sleep. Supposed "diagnosis" is radiologic term ; likely wrong choice for "diagnosis". Protruding disks commonly seen in unpained persons. Disk impingement pain decreases w. Lying down as sacroiliac joint subluxation pain worsens. Extreme sports participation? See osteopath for evaluation.
On and off. The nature of back pain is to come and go. If you do a lot of manual work or exercise, you might have reinjured the disc. Things that might help are putting a sheet of plywood underneath your mattress, sleeping on your side with one leg elevated, and strengthening your core muscles. Physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture may also help. See your primary care provider for more help.
No. Minimal disc protrusion is not a significant clinical issue and is likely a permanent finding. If you back pain is that significant it needs addition treatment.