When are mouth ulcers herpes? Are herpes simplex virus 1 same as STDs herpes? How long do I have to wait after sexual contact to get tested?

Here's a heads-up. White, painful ulcers actually inside the mouth aren't herpes. They may be common aphthous ulcers, lupus, BEhcet's, pemphigus, Wegener's, due to agranulocytosis, or any of a number of others -- but not herpes. It's a common error. Best wishes.
Same virus. Hsv type ! ; ii are essentially the same except for location.
A culture proves it. If your doctor takes a culture of a mouth ulcer, and it shows herpes type 1, that's what it is. You can also have a blood test to confirm prior infection with herpes type l and/or type 2. Type 1 is usually oral, and type 2 is usually genital, but you can find either type in either location. If you get a blood test now and it's normal, repeat it in 2-3 months! use condoms/dental dams for safe sex.