Anti-cardiolipin IgM was checked as part of tests for mctd. It was 133 nov / 82 in jan & in feb it was 9.38. Gp says there no needs to refer or treat?

? Referral. To have anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome you need to have 2 positive tests at least 3 months apart. Transient elevations are common and not risky. It's unusual that the first test was so high and it did not persist. If you still have other mctd symptoms you should see a rheumatologist.
Treat and refer. I would personally put you on 81 mg of asa daily as the anticardiolipin levels can go up and down. I would also refer to a rheumatologist because your other symptoms could suggest the presence of an underlying connective tissue disorder.

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My anti-cardiolipin IgM was checked to rule out mctd. It was in nov 133 / 82 in jan & in feb it came down to 9.38. Does it need to be tested again?

See details. Anticardiolipins never rule in or rule out mctd. They are used to diagnosis specific clotting disorders that can be associated with connective tissue disorders. The levels of anticardiolipins vary up and down and in your case they should be checked once or twice a year, not every month or two. I would urge taking an 81 mg asa daily as protection if your doctor agrees. Read more...

My cardiolipin IgM has come back high 3x in Nov it was 133/Jan 82/ May 102ug/l IgG is 1.1U/ml. I have symptoms indicative to MCTD. My gp not worried?

Consider aspirin. IgM anticardiolipin antibodies have an intermediate chance of causing problems. They can be a sign of autoimmune disease including MCTD. If you have had no blood clots, miscarriages or problems from this antibody it is often treated with an Aspirin a day. You should talk this over with your doctor. Read more...

My cardiolipin IgM has come back high 3 times, neutrophils slightly raised & ANA negative. Symptoms indicative of Lupus, MCTD?? Gp not worried.

See a rheumatologist. The lab tests may be unreliable especially at hospital labs. Even if negative the anticardiolipin ab may be a concern depending on your symptoms. IgM anticardiolipin Anyibody us also for many not a problem. It us best if you are having symptoms to see a specialist and get their opinion. Read more...