What are the guidelines with children and fluoride?

Small amounts good. Small amounts of topical Fluoride help make teeth stronger. Large amounts of systemic Fluoride are not healthy. The key is finding the right balance for your child depending on their age, and risk for tooth decay. Yoour child's pediatric dentist can help you decide what amount is right for your child.
Proper mix is key. The proper mix of both forms of fluoride (topical and systemic) are available. Your pediatrician can help you assess whether your child is receiving adequate levels of fluoride.
Fluoride Children. Fluoride dosages in drinking water age 6 mo. To 3 years. 25 mg, 3 to 6 years. 5 and 6 to 16 years 1 mg. Recommended by american academy of peds. Too much Fluoride will cause staining of teeth or fluorosis.