Is it true that putting in drops of baby oil can help remove excess ear wax?

Earwax. Aah, the facination with clean ears, baby oil, olive oil, peroxide, peroxide and water, colace (docusate sodium) as well as several over the counter meds such as debrox and Cerumenex have been used for squeaky clean ears.But remember, that wax is supposed to be there to protect the ear canal, and the body takes care of naturally pushing it out.Let your doctor deal with it when he/she needs to take a look at the ear drums.
Maybe. It is assumed that the oil loosens the wax, allowing it to come out. It sometimes works.Do not use if your child has ear tubes or a perforated ear drum.

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Help please! Is baby oil effective when clearing ear wax blockage?

Only in mobiliing. Baby oil will help make your wax more moist. This may increase likelihood that it will slowly migrate out your ear. Read more...