At what age should a child start seeing a dentist for dental cleaning?

1yr. At age 1 is the recommendation. Do not wait until 3. I have done fillings on 2 year olds...Not fun. Get them in early, for your education and to help your child build positive experiences with the dentist so that if/when treatment is needed it is not so scarey for the child. I wouldn't expect decay at age 1 but it does happen by age 2. Some dentists will tell you 3 or even 5...That is wrong.
Different Opinions. Somewhat controversial. The pediatric dentist's society recommends dental care as early as 6 mos/a. In our community, most pediatricians suggest beginning care between 2-3 y/o unless there is a problem.
1st tooth. The moment there's something to clean. Go no later than age 1 for check of dentitional development, jaw development, examination, cleaning, oral hygiene instruction, diet advice, Fluoride management, and most of all so the baby gets used to dental visits and treats them as fun and routine.