I am 29 years of age and yes there is pain. It last for maybe an hour or so. Feels like stomach ache eventually testicles are swollen. No medical.

Possible torsion . More commonly in adolescence but also in young adult's, intermittent testicular pain with elevation of the testes in the upper scrotum with or without swelling and other constitutional symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal or groin pain may be consistent with intermittent testicular torsion. See your physician to discuss and if symptoms recur undergo a scrotal ultrasound with color doppler.
Possible... Consider intermittent testicular torsion, which would not be helped with urinalysis or ultrasound if not done timely. In practice, a professional keen alertness will do the trick of management. Due to its elusive features, many men have suffered from many years, up to 10-15, being not uncommon, before luckily seeing an alert urologist to take action timely. Besides, welcome to www.Formefirst.Com.