I follow two period trackers. One says I was fertile 2 days ago and another says I still am fertile, I had unprotected 4 times today, any possibility?

Pregnancy at 16? Ovulation can be hard to predict exactly, especially if your periods are irregular. If you have unprotected sex around ovulation, pregnancy can be very possible (assuming the male has viable sperm). The question is why someone listing her age as 16 would want to become pregnant? It's hard to imagine how you and your boyfriend plan to support a baby at that age.
Pregnancy. Yes there is a possibility. May i ask why a 16 year old teenage is trying so hard to get pregnant? Are you trying with a boyfriend or with your husband? Have you thought this through, as pregnancy is a huge responsibility.
Always a possibility. Regardless of what any method of determining fertility may indicate, it is always possible to become pregnant from unprotected sexual intercourse that i would never recommend unless you want to get pregnant and are certain you and your partner are in a totally monogamous relationship.

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