What causes skull and neck pain no injuries?

Neck arthritis. There are several joints and intervertebral discs in the neck. These can wear out over time leading to pain. Degeneration of the joints or discs can cause neck pain, headaches, and/or shoulder pain.
Muscle or joint. Usually it's muscular. Cervical facet arthritis will also do it. There are always dangerous causes (tumor, infection) but they are less common. See a pain doctor for diagnosis.

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I have severe chronic neck pain at the base of my skull and when it hurts I have red blotch in the exact area that hurts what would cause the blotch?

See a neurologist. Sympathetically maintained pain (SMP). The pain associated with SMP can be continuous with an aching, burning quality that is sometimes accompanied by a continuing background discomfort and tissue swelling, or it can occur spontaneously. Blocking the sympathetic activity by anesthetizing the Stellate Ganglion may stop the pain. Take care. Read more...

My 6 year old girl has been complaining of neck pain. I thought maybe molars causing the pain cause it's at base of skull and down. Need to worry?

See md. See your MD, and have a good check up. Maybe muscle strain or may be way your child sleeps--pillow etc. One additional possibility could be eye issues causing her to cock her head to one side to avoid double vision. Any history of trauma? Read more...