How safe is baby boy circumcision?

Mostly very safe. Provided the surgeon, pediatrician, obstetrician or mohel is well trained and careful. I believe plastibell method, where the redundant foreskin is tied off over a small plastic ring is the safest because risk of bleeding is very slight.. Correct size plastibell ring must be selected and a frenular bleed should be cauterized.(check google.Com). Clamp method usually safe, but risk of bleed more.
Benefits, new data. Examination of scientific studies between 1995 and now shows links between circumcision and decreased risks for urinary tract infections, some kinds of cancer, hpv, hiv, and other sexually transmitted diseases. There is a preventative effect.
Very. The only question for non jewish people is -------why? It has become a routine, based on the most absurd concepts. Males were provided with a foreskin. The only thing required when older is good hygiene.