What do you think about requesting growth hormone for a child who is headed towards being unusually short?

Equivocal. First the child needs evaluated by a pediatric endocrinologist to determine if there is a medical cause for the short stature. (s)he may have growth hormone deficiency or one of many other causes of growth failure that can be treated. If a cause is not apparent and the child meets certain criteria for predicted height, hgh treatment is an fda approved option, but weigh the pros & cons carefully.
Common question. When they are truly HGH deficient or insensitive replacement is a well reasoned plan.For those with familial (genetic) short stature they are most likely just to get to their final height quicker, not add to the final outcome.The >$10K out of pocket cost for a years treatment may cause some second thoughts.Guidance by a qualified pedi endocrinologist is your best approach.
More. Growth hormone (hgh) is a potent hormone that has many other effects on the body and potential side effects and consequences later in life. The gain in children who are not growth hormone deficient are generally marginal. And it is incredibly expensive. You should discuss the risks & benefits with a pediatric growth specialist before deciding.