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Antibiotic I've been on 5 different kind last year and now I have yeast infection had BV and now ithink thrush how do iget pH and flora back to norm?

First.... ..See your doctor for treatment of thrush. Then begin a strong probiotic. And from now on, whenever you are taking antibiotics, begin probiotics as well. The side effects you are having are from killing off the normal flora. The solution is to replace the good bacteria as you're killing it; that way the side effects are unlikely to occur.

Is it harmful if a man performs oral on a woman with a yeast infection? Could he get thrush

Possibly. Candida is an opportunistic pathogen in the mouth, usually rearing it's ugly head after antibiotics have altered the natural flora which usually keeps it in check. In theory, if a man had some decrease in his regular immune status, or was on antibiotic therapy, it could happen. Try using a douche made of plain yogurt and warm water several hours before sex if possible- it may help kill off yeast.
Yes. This is entirely possible. I would suggest waiting until the infection has resolved.
No. Studies do, however suggest that application of saliva to the vulvovaginal area may "disrupt the balance" of candida to other resident organisms and immune components, predisposing you to candidal/yeast infections. Any risk for you or your partner may also be related to your immune system.

Can you get yeast infection/ thrush from friction during sex?

Yes. If one of the partners has this infection, it can be transfered during sex, usually from microscopic breaks in the lining of the vagina or the penis during the activity. Best to use a condom if the infection is active and see a urologist or gynecologist to treat the condition so this is not an issue.

Can a thrush yeast infection hurt my baby if not treated?

Thrush. Oral thrush is painful, needs treatment with oral nystatin. If the immunity of baby is low, and there is spread to systemic infection, it can be serious.
Depends on variables. Many infants with a thin skim milk layer of thrush would do fine without treatment and remain asymptomatic. Some will develop enough irritation to the same mucous membranes inside the cheeks and lips that it will bleed occasionally and the kids will fuss during feedings. I routinely treat them all but realize that for many it is transient and may clear on its own.