If you have lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can you still get pregnant and have a baby?

Yes. I have had many patients with both diseases who have dleivered a healthy child. If your lupus, ra, or both are active, it is less likely, because significant inflammation or physical stress is not the optimal time to conceive. Also, if sle is present, it should be in remission. If not, the higher estrogen levels seen in pregnancy can cause a flare. Interestly, RA improves during pregnacy.
Yes. There are settings where pregnancy is not advised in sle - unccontrolled kidney disease and uncontrolled hypertension. People with sle and RA can get pregnant. You would work with your OB and high risk pregnancy team. In the past there was an increased risk of death in a lupus pregnancy and thus pregnancy was not recommended but that is no longer the case. Actually RA may improve during pre.

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Does HIV progress faster if some one is already ill with an auto immune disease such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis?

No. But, if someone has hiv, they should see an expert in HIV management and treatment. I suggest looking for someone certified by the aahivm.
Nice question. Parhophysiology of both disease is different, progression of both disease depends on host factor, as HIV is now treatable and mange very well. The only important think as co existence of both disease make vulnerable to more opportunistic diseases. Hiv is viral diseass and affect cd 4 cells and other memory cells. Needs to take care of both disease.

My outer palms are red. They have been like this since I had my daughter three years ago. There is no itching or pain. My dr did labs for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis which came back fine. I don't smoke or drink.?

Suspect estrogen! Women typically have appreciably more redness around the periphery of the palms and the finger pads than men. It is an effect of estrogen in the body. The fact that you noticed it after the birth of your child, when during pregancy you had much higher estrogen levels, rather proves the point. It is called palmar erythema. Harmless, unless you are male, if you get my drift!

How to tell the difference between systemic lupus erythematosus or rheumatoid arthritis?

Sometimes hard. Both have arthritis as part of the disease in RA it is the major feature and most people have nothing else. Lupus, while having arthritis as part of it, often has many other features of other organ systems like the skin kidneys bervous system or blood best way is to see a rheumatologist.