What is the likelihood that my child will be born premature if I have a cytomegalovirus infection?

Unlikely, but... CMV infections are often asymptomatic in mothers and if acquired for the first time early in pregnancy, may in some cases lead to serious newborn effects. The majority of children of CMV + moms will be asymptomatic or unaffected, but about 10% will have a certain tye of hearing loss, dental problems and/or temporary infalmmation of the eye. If you have acute CMV during pregnancy, confer with a maternal fetal medicine specialist about potential interventions to protect the unborn baby.
No higher. Although maternal cytomegalovirus infection (CMV) can pass to the fetus, it doesn't seem to increase the rate of prematurity, and sometimes the baby will have no signs or symptoms at all. Some babies who appear healthy at birth can develop hearing loss or learning disability, and about 10% of babies with congenital CMV can have severe damage to their eyes, liver, spleen, and brain.