Can you get invisalign and have wisdom teeth removed during process? Or can you wait till after? Worried how to do it best. Dont want to do in process

Wisdoms first. The best way is to get the wisdom teeth removed first. This opens up the back surface of the second molars for the aligners to better engage those teeth; a better fit. I wouldn't recommend getting them extracted during the invisalign process. Also, getting the wisdom teeth out, gets extra tooth against tooth biting contacts out of the alignment process. Helps your teeth to fit together better.
Ask Orthodontist. A qualified orthodontic specialist should be able to answer this question after doing a complete orthodontic evaluation. The usual recommendation is to have problematic wisdom teeth removed, allow time for healing, then proceed with orthodontic treatment. Keep in mind that clear aligners are only about half as effective as braces when results are evaluated according to ABO standards.