I had my baby at 23 weeks via emergency c-section. It was either that or pos bleed death (had near abruption) family upset; we are christian and they state I should of tried to keep baby in longer : (?

See below: You may have bled to death and the baby would have likely died from the abruption anyway. You made an appropriate decision.
Absolutely NOT ! You absolutely made the RIGHT decision and saved the left of both you and your infant child. If this was a hundred years ago you would both prob. Be dead. Tell your 'Christian' family to look up the phrase " judge not lest he be judged" and learn something about pregnancy. Before butting in. .
It was an emergency! Abruptio placenta can be a life or death situation sometimes causing disseminated intravascular bleeding. I had one where i almost died and so did my baby. However, in your case, it was an emergency and you may not have had a choice but to terminate pregnancy safely. I am glad you made it.