How much does penis size matter?

To whom? Are you satisfied with your? Does it matter to you? Are you female and asking the question or male? There is a situation of micropenis but it is a rare situation. There are small penises and there are large penises. There are potential issues with either end of the spectrum. If this is affecting your psyche, your sexual function and enjoyment, then see a sex therapist, or other counsellor, .

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I want to know how much does penis size matter to us girls?

Google reports. Just google up the question and see all the reports. You will find many. I believe it is about 50/50 that it does or doesn't matter. Nothing you can do about it anyway. You are the size you are and what you do with it determines a greater degree of satisfaction than worrying about the size and not being able to get an erection due to feelings of inadequacy. Read more...