Clear sticky spontaneous nipple discharge right breast. Small lump on left normal in 2012. All labs normal incl. Prolactin. Cbe normal now what?

Nipple discharge. "galactorrhea" is the production of breast milk. Sometimes women can have nipple discharge that is not milk. A doctor can tell the difference by looking at the fluid under a microscope. Fibrocystic breast disease can cause nipple discharge. But i'd probably see a breast specialist and get a breast ultrasound to rule out some other reason. There's even a test called a "ductogram" that can be done.

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All lab work normal. Burning nipple/breast on and off clear sticky spontaneous nipple discharge. Not pregnant. Normal prolactin. What can this be?

Ck with your OB/GYN. Call your ob/gyn and have a breast examination done to rule out inflammation (mastitis) or infection. They can tell you right away what it is after doing the physical examination. You'll have peace of mind as well. Read more...